Pediatric Dentistry in Stuart: Your Toddler’s First Appointment

Your child’s first appointment can be a nerve-wracking one–both for you and your child! One of the main benefits of pediatric dentistry in Stuart is that the dentists and hygienists are used to working with children.  
From assuaging their fears to creating a fun and welcoming environment, you’ll find that the appointment will go better than expected. However, it helps to know what to expect.  
Read on to learn what to expect during your child’s first pediatric dentistry appointment!  
Best Time to Go 
You’ll know that it’s time to schedule an appointment once your child’s first tooth has come in or they’ve reached one year old. After their first appointment, you can expect to take your child back every six months, or twice a year.  
A Quick Visit 
The first visit is usually the easiest, as it will be quick and to the point. You’ll want to be ready to answer medical history questions about your child. The dentist will also ask about your child’s pacifier use or thumb-sucking, diet and feeding, brushing practices, and more.  
During the visit, the goal is usually to get your child accustomed to the dentist and feel comfortable. If your child doesn’t seem nervous or anxious, the dentist may decide to do a quick exam or cleaning.  
Useful Tips 
You can expect your dentist to give you many useful tips on aiding your child’s oral hygiene and what to expect in the future. These tips can include:  
- Teething and the development of their teeth 
- Preventing cavities and dental diseases 
- Using fluoride 
- How to prevent teeth trauma 
- Diet and brushing tips 
- And more 
Experienced dentists will also take the time to answer all your questions. They’ll also discuss any risk factors for your child’s oral health depending on your family history and oral hygiene habits.  
Preparing for Pediatric Dentistry in Stuart 
Overall, your child’s first visit to the dentist will be an easy one. Just make sure that you come prepared to answer medical history questions. You may also want to write down a few questions to remember for the dentist.  
The goal is to make your child feel comfortable with the new sights, sounds, and people, so focus on making it a positive and fun experience. Hygienists and dentists who are used to working with children will also strive to keep it light.  
If your child recently grew their first tooth or turned one, it’s time to schedule an appointment today. Contact us today or call 772-286-3088 to get started!