3 Important Reasons You Might Need Dental Implants in Stuart

Considering whether dental implants are the right choice for you? Missing teeth can impact the quality of your life in significant ways. Fortunately, many dental appliances and procedures are available to give you back your smile.   
Dental implants in Stuart can be an excellent choice for many people—but how do you know if they’re a great choice for you? Keep reading for our quick guide on three critical reasons you might need to choose implants!   
1. Preventing Bone Loss  
One of the most beneficial aspects of dental implants in Stuart is that they can help stop and even reverse bone loss in your jaw. When your teeth are missing for extended amounts of time, these areas of your jaw will deteriorate over time because chewing motions are not stimulating them.   
Through the titanium root that’s implanted, your jawbone will be stimulated again, reversing bone loss and giving you a more youthful and full appearance.   
2. You Want Easy Care  
Dentures are affordable and can look very natural. However, many people find that the maintenance is more than they bargained for. It’s important that you take your dentures out to soak every night to eliminate bacteria and keep the rest of your teeth healthy. Dentures may also require specific types of glue each day you put them on to ensure they’re attached firmly throughout the day.   
In contrast, dental implants are easy to take care of because they mimic your natural teeth. All you need to do is ensure that you’re brushing your teeth twice a day as well as flossing.   
3. You’re Concerned About Adjacent Teeth  
Dental bridges and partial dentures are great options for missing teeth, but they can sometimes cause issues with your adjacent teeth. Since adjacent teeth are needed to hold these appliances in place, they may begin to decay over time because of the constant pressure.   
If your dentist finds that your adjacent teeth aren’t strong enough, or you’re afraid that they’ll decay over time, dental implants are a great alternative. They’ll keep the rest of your teeth healthy and strong.  
Consider Quality Dental Implants in Stuart  
Reputable dentists will take the time to go over all your options and help you discover the best procedure or appliance for you. However, keep in mind that you should never feel pressured to agree to procedures that you’re unfamiliar with.  
Your dentist should let you know what to expect before, during, and after your dental implant procedure in Stuart.   
Ready to discover your options? Contact us today for personalized care that you can trust!