When Do You Know You Need an Emergency Dentist in Stuart, FL?  


Emergencies aren’t always obvious, especially when they have to do with your teeth, mouth, and gums. However, seeing an emergency dentist as soon as possible may be the difference between living with pain for a few days or a few hours.  


Keep reading to learn when you need to contact an emergency dentist in Stuart, FL!  


Knocked-Out Tooth 


A knocked-out tooth is the number one issue that needs to be seen by an emergency dentist. This is because dentists are often the only ones who can save a natural tooth–you may not be able to receive this kind of specialized help in the emergency room.  


Make sure to rinse off your tooth and store it in its socket or a cup of milk or water. The faster you get to your dentist, the more likely they are to save your tooth!  


Intense Pain 


It’s not normal for your teeth or gums to feel intense pain that interferes with your quality of life. This can be an indication that you have a cavity, chipped or cracked tooth, or an abscess. 


Calling your emergency dentist as soon as possible is recommended, as the pain, unfortunately, won’t go away on its own. Leaving tooth pain alone will worsen the problem. Your dentist may find that a root canal is necessary to remove an infection and save your natural tooth. 


Swollen Jaw or Mouth 


Lastly, you need to see your emergency dentist in Stuart if you suddenly experience a swollen jaw or mouth for no explainable reason. This indicates that you may have an infection, or your lymph nodes are irritated. 


By getting a diagnosis as soon as possible, your dentist or healthcare provider will be able to provide you with the relief you need.  


Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Stuart, FL Today 


It’s not always obvious when you’re experiencing a dental emergency, but you shouldn’t live with debilitating pain or discomfort for long periods of time. 


If you’re unsure, call your dentist and describe the symptoms you’re having–they can help you decide whether you can wait for an appointment or if it’s recommended to come in as soon as possible.  

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