Sinus Lift

In the back of your upper jaw, your maxillary sinus cavity lies just beyond your jawbone.
Am I a Candidate?
You may need a sinus lift if you have:
- Decayed teeth
- Receding jawbone
- Missing teeth
- Need dental implants
Our specialist will put you under local anesthesia to alleviate pain throughout the procedure. A small incision will be made into your gum tissue to expose the jawbone. A drill is used to make a hole into the jawbone in order to separate the sinus membrane from the jaw.
In order to perform a sinus lift, bone grafting is used to fill the void in the jawbone. Common types of bone material are harvested from a cadaver, the patient’s own body, or from animals. After the bone material is used, the area will be stitched and sutured to prevent bleeding. Later, your mouth will be ready for dental implant placement.