Gum Grafting

Did you know that 12% of adults deal with gum recession? It’s true!
Connective-Tissue Graft
A small amount of flap is removed from the palate (upper mouth) for this type of graft. Tissue from the subepithelial connective tissue is separated and attached to gum tissue around tooth root overexposure. After connective tissue is taken, the palatal flap is stitched back to normal.
Free Gingival Graft
Only a minimal amount of tissue from the upper mouth is retrieved. If your gums are receding, the tissue will be stitched to improve the look of fuller gums. Also, patients with thin gum tissue will benefit from this procedure.
Pedicle Graft
Gum tissue is only retrieved from around the actual site of where gum grafting is taking place. An incision of the pedicle utilizes one side while the other side is pulled and stitched around the tooth root. If you have gum disease near the tooth, this is the go-to procedure.