3 Easy Flossing Tips from Your Stuart Dentist

Did you know that 20 percent of Americans fail to floss? This high percentage isn’t shocking—often, it can be hard to add flossing to our already long bathroom routines. However, there are ways you can simplify flossing so that the time passes faster and it becomes far less awkward to do.   
Keep reading to learn some easy flossing tips from your favorite Stuart dentist that can significantly improve your dental health!   
1. Use Different Tools  
Is traditional, unwaxed floss uncomfortable to use no matter how often you try? It may be time to consider other products. Here are a few other popular products that may be a better choice for you:   
• Water flossers  
• Interdental brushes  
• Flosser picks  
• Dental tape  
• Waxed floss  
• Shred-resistant string floss  
• Floss threader  
• And more  
For instance, if you find that floss frequently gets stuck between your teeth, you may want to try dental tape or waxed floss instead. This type of floss has less friction, making it easier to get between tightly packed teeth without harming yourself.   
On the other hand, water flossers can be a good alternative if you can’t get into the flossing habit no matter how many times you’ve tried. Although it may not be as effective as traditional floss, the high-pressure blast of water between your teeth can get rid of more food debris than brushing alone can.   
2. Choose a Convenient Time  
It’s important that you floss your teeth once every 24 hours; however, you can choose the time you want to floss. If you’re exhausted in the evening and frequently skip flossing, save it for the morning when you feel fresher.   
If you’re in a rush in the morning, consider flossing after lunch to remove food debris from in-between your teeth before you brush in the evening. By swishing with water afterward, your teeth will be far less likely to experience decay from acidic food.   
3. Break Up Your Flossing Routine  
Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t have to floss your entire mouth in one session. If flossing takes too long, try flossing the upper part of your mouth in the morning or afternoon and the lower part of your mouth in the afternoon or evening.   
This way, flossing will feel more manageable and faster. Also, once you establish those habits, it may be easier to floss your whole mouth all at once in the future.   
Your Stuart Dentist Wants You to Floss  
Dentists often sound like broken records when they remind you to floss during your appointments, but the benefits are significant. First, flossing will lead to less inflamed gums, leading to less bleeding and discomfort the more you floss.   
Flossing is also the only way to remove food debris from in-between your teeth effectively—just brushing doesn’t cut it.   
Your Stuart dentist can help you learn better flossing techniques and recommend products during your next appointment. Schedule one with us today!