3 Critical Reasons You Need an Emergency Dentist in Stuart

Did you know that consistently, 10 percent of all dental encounters are due to a dental emergency? We can never predict when an emergency will happen, but we can significantly decrease the stress of a dental emergency by planning ahead.  
One of the first steps is to find an emergency dentist in Stuart you can trust. Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons why you need one today!  
1. Knocked-Out Tooth 
One of the most critical reasons it’s important that you find an emergency dentist is because they have a natural chance of saving your natural tooth if it’s knocked out. By rinsing the tooth, reinserting it into its empty socket, and going to the dentist as soon as possible, your dentist may be able to preserve your tooth.  
Quick action is important, which is why it’s important to know of an emergency dentist in advance–you won’t have time to research to find the best one in your area!  
2. Unexplained Toothaches  
Many people make the mistake of ignoring toothaches when they’re mild, believing that they’ll go away on their own. However, unless there’s food lodged between your teeth, toothaches are usually the sign of severe tooth decay that won’t repair itself on its own.  
If you don’t see your dentist as soon as possible to address the source of the toothache, the pain can become unexpectedly severe. This is when you need to have an emergency dentist in mind so that they can help mitigate the pain and rectify the issue as soon as possible.  
3. Broken Crown 
It’s important that you schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in Stuart as soon as possible if you break a tooth or a crown. Although it may not seem like an emergency if the pain isn’t great, the breakage can make your teeth more vulnerable to infection and damage.  
Moreover, the sooner you replace a broken crown, the less likely you’ll need a root canal or tooth extraction.  
Find a Reputable Emergency Dentist in Stuart Today 
Even if you’re not sure that you’re experiencing an emergency, make sure to call your emergency dentist in Stuart so that they can help determine if your symptoms require a visit as soon as possible or in the near future.  
Although your dental issues may not be able to be resolved in one office visit, your emergency dentist can still eliminate the pain and diagnose your issue.  
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