Botox Facial Fillers

What better way to enhance your freshly whitened smile, beautiful veneers, or straighter teeth than with a newly refreshed and more youthful appearance? That’s why we are proud to offer Botox® Cosmetic dermal fillers at Family & Implant Dentistry of Stuart. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of these procedures, which are completed in our office in less than an hour.
Treatable Areas
- Deep wrinkles
- Brow lift
- Forehead crease
- Crow’s feet
- Gummy smile
- Chin dimple
- Bunny lines
- Upper/lower lip
During an initial consultation, our specialists will discuss what Botox is and how the procedure will benefit you. Our experts will recommend treating areas that they find are troublesome and how Botox can improve them.
On the day of your procedure, Botox will only take as little as 15 minutes. The serum is injected into your skin and the specialist will adjust accordingly. After the procedure is completed, do not touch your face for an hour so the serum will evenly distribute.